Music composer,
arranger, producer. Freelancer.

Who am I?

Hi, I'm a music composer and I would love to create score and record music for your project. I'm specialized in music for film and theatre but I also enjoy working in gamedev and demoscene. As a skilled musician I can work in any style or genre - from symphony to pop, from chiptune to jazz. I came from Poland, but I tend to work in UK. So, if you are director or producer, be sure to check samples of my work (below).


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Custom instrumentation

If you can think of any particular style, instrumentation or arrangement that would fit to your project - I can do it for you. Sky is the limit. Just share your idea I'll create your desired soundtrack.

But if you prefer to stay focused on other aspects, you can show me your project, no matter if it is a film, spectacle or video game, you can show me our project and I'll come up with something exclusively for you.

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Montage ready

I can provide you either score sheets or complete, mixed and mastered recordings. Nowadays composer can create big projects only with computer and samples but sometimes real instruments are better solution. You can decide what will be recorded and ho it will be done.

My works

What's new?

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